Saturday, February 27, 2016

Texture influence on soil phosphorus content and distribution in semiarid Pampean grasslands

Suñer L., J.A. Galantini. 2015. Texture influence on soil phosphorus content and distribution in semiarid Pampean grasslands. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science (ISSN: 2320-7035) Vol.: 7, Issue.: 2 109-120, no.IJPSS.2015.136
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Soil texture can modify the content, equilibrium and dynamic of soil phosphorus (P) in very different ways. The objective of this work was to study the P form contents associated to physical fractionation of SOM in soils with different texture. Soil samples (0-0.15 m) were obtained from 27 sites with different texture in a twenty five years old pasture located in the Experimental Station of Bordenave, Argentina (63°01’20”W; 37°51’55”S). Soil particle size fractions were obtained by wet sieving separating the fine (0-100 µm) and coarse (100-2000 µm) fractions. Soil organic matter was determined in each fraction, mineral associated organic matter (MOM) and particulate organic matter (POM), respectively. Extractable (Pe), organic (Po), inorganic (Pi) and total extractable (Pt) phosphorus was determined and occluded P (Pocl) was calculated as the difference [Pt - (Po+Pi)] in the whole soil and the particles fractions. In these soils, texture determines P reserves and the equilibrium of its different forms. Available P forms (estimated by Pe) was related to the inorganic form present the fine fraction of the soil. Phosphorus content in its different forms is closely associated with soil fractions. The level of Po was higher in the coarse fraction of soils with a higher content of fine fractions. All the studied P forms were higher in fine textured soils than in coarse ones, however, P forms in particle size fractions showed different tendencies. In coarse textured soils, Po in the MOM was lower than fin textured ones, however, The P content in MOM was richer and POM was poorly than fine textured soils.

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